Thursday, October 23, 2014

November Events!

August 27th-December 10th: Guest DJ for Culture Buzz on WXAC 91.3 FM
Join DJ Dash as his special guest, select a playlist and talk on-air about upcoming arts and cultural events at the CFA and in the Berks County area.  Requires one week advance notice; email  
*Wed., Aug. 27th-Dec. 10th, 4-6 p.m.

November 15th: Maelstrom, a silent opera by Jeffrey Lentz & Cocol Bernal
Artist-in-residence, Jeffrey Lentz, and his constant collaborator, Cocol Bernal, are thrilled to premiere the third and final chapter in the award-winning Ubu Saga, a bold and lyrical story of love and redemption told through movement and music alone. In the first installment, Spirale, we were introduced to the adventures of Ubu, an affable king who battled the forces of evil to win the hand of the fair Princess Mira. Last fall, the story continued in Vortex where tragedy struck when the couple found themselves trapped in a lethal love triangle. As the final chapter unfolds, we have reached the eye of the storm. An inexplicable calm pervades the House of Ubu. Queen Mira is dead. The King grieves. Caught in the middle, Princess Charlotte, Mira’s illegitimate child, grows in ignorance of the family secrets that contrive to destroy both her and her father. Will they be saved by the power of love and forgiveness, or swept into the raging currents of the maelstrom?
*Fri., Nov. 15th, 8 p.m., Wachovia Theater

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