Monday, May 4, 2015

Sharing Your Thoughts (Part 2)

Jasmine, another local fan of the arts, like Bence decided to share her thoughts on Albright's Teens After Dark.  Below, she highlights some of her favorite artistic events in Reading and why it is all so close to her. 

"My latest and most favorite annual event is the Art of Jazz.  This exhibition is closest to my heart because it involves the two things I’m most passionate about, art and jazz.  I have been partaking in this event since I was 12.  I am now 16.  The first year I entered my art work, surprisingly enough, I actually won an honorable mention.  Last year I sold my artwork and also won people’s choice award.  This year I was recognized for being the only student to qualify for the exhibition and setting the trend for other high school students to submit their work also.  If you’re not familiar with the Art of Jazz, it is an exhibition held at the Goggleworks and is hosted by the Berks Arts Council.  The exhibition is usually the first event to honor the annual Jazz Fest in Berks County. 
I try to meet as many artists as I can before I go to college.  I am always interested in their journey and hope to be influenced by them.  I try to go to as many galleries and art museums too.  I enjoy going to Philly or New York to be inspired.  Other events that I have participated in were the RAiL program, which entailed working with art students at Albright College and the Fast Lane Art program, which is an event to promote the arts on billboards in Berks County."