The Intern


I'm Olivia, Beth's intern for TAD.  I'm studying Communications and Arts Administration at Albright, and I'm extremely excited to apply what I'm learning in classes to my job!  I'm also from Reading, and I love having the chance to share the incredible art opportunities here at Albright with teens in the area.  I took art classes in high school and did theater at Muhlenberg, so I'm sure I share interests with many of you!

Working in the CFA is such a blast-being able to help promote arts at the school I'm so proud to attend is an insanely fun job!  Once you're here and see what I'm talking about, you'll understand why I have the best job on campus.  So come out and make art, see a Domino Players production, attend a fashion show, or guest DJ for a local radio station-whatever your passion is, I'm excited to help you experience it! I can't wait to meet you soon!


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